Our Big Bunk Story

We partnered with ARI Legacy Sleepers in 2002 as the only Volvo partner in the nation and sell the most Big Bunks out of any dealership.  The first Volvo Big Bunk sold in 2004 and we’ve sold 250 since!  We specialize in big bunks because we believe in creating high quality sleeping quarters for a variety of folks who out for extended periods of time.  This sleeper is their home away from home and we take great pride in creating a quality product where they can prepare food as well as get a good nights rest.  A lot of the time big bunks are staffed with teams, where one has to be with the trailer at all times, and big bunks provide a space where they can be comfortable without leaving the trailer.  We stock sleepers in sizes 120″ to 180″ with a water gauge so you don’t have to get on the ground, a switch for generator on the dash of the truck in case you forget to turn it off while you’re driving, webasto fuel fire heater to reduce generator time and makes it efficient, large window in the back if someone is sitting back there they have a nice view out.